A natural reserve of federal significance that amazes with its pristine beauty.

Paraskiny lakes

A natural monument

The main facts

The Paraskiny lakes belong to the basin of the Tobys river, a third-order tributary of the Pechora. Basically, they are a system of water bodies of karst origin with amazingly cold and clear water. The largest one is Yegor-Ty with the area of 9 hectares and depth of up to 30 meters. The most unique one is Goluboye that amazes with the bright color of its water. Some of the lakes have a lot of bottom springs. From March to May, the reservoirs connected to the river by channels become a spawning area for pike, perch and other fish.

The nature reserve

On August 8, 2021, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin signed a resolution on the establishment of the Paraskiny Lakes federal nature reserve. This was done as part of the implementation process of the Ecology national project. According to the resolution, the total area of the protected territories here is more than 17,000 hectares. As the new status of Paraskiny Lakes implies the presence of a directorate with a staff of state inspectors and a fleet of equipment, it is expected to help preserve the landscape and biological diversity of the place and contribute to the development of ecological tourism in the Republic of Komi.

The creation of the reserve became the republic's contribution to the of the national project "ecology".

Besides, now the area has a directorate with a staff of state inspectors, and a fleet of equipment. This will create conditions for recreation and environmental education of the population.