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Tours and excursions

In the Komi Republic, everyone can find what they want. Feel like a discoverer in the taiga where no man has gone before or spend a relaxing weekend at a ski resort. The only limit is your imagination; ask yourself what you are looking for and be sure to find a tour that meets your needs perfectly.

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Tour operators

Our local tour operators will provide you with the best services one can get in the Komi Republic like no other. Guest houses, off-road vehicles, guides familiar with the area – all of this can be offered by them.

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When it comes to traveling, our first priority is safety. Before you head out to explore the wilderness, we strongly recommend that you study all the rules and instructions of our lifeguards.

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Hunting and fishing

In the Komi Republic, you can feel free to go hunting and fishing. But first you have to familiarize yourself with the rules and terms.

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