One of the most beautiful peaks of the Urals.

Mount Narodnaya

One of the most beautiful peaks of the Urals

About the Yugyd Va National park

Yugyd Va is Russia’s largest national park: with the total area of almost 2,000,000 hectares, it stretches for 280 kilometers from north to south and for 120 kilometers from west to east. Having turned 28 years old in 2022, it is still one of the most unique natural reserves. Suffice it to say that Yugyd Va is one of the world’s most sparsely populated national parks: there are practically no permanent settlements on its territory. Even before its establishment only reindeer herders of such nomadic peoples as Mansi, Nenets, and Khanty roamed through these lands. To this day, the names they gave to the local mountains, rivers, and lakes remind of those times.

The nomads did not know the borders, and today the natural boundaries of the park are mountains and rivers: in the east - the peaks of the main ridge of the Ural Mountains, in the north - the Kozhim River, in the west - the Kosyu, Bolshaya Synya and Vangyr rivers, in the south - the border with the Pechoro-Ilychsky Reserve. The park is located on the territory of three municipalities: Inta and Vuktyl urban districts and the Pechora district.

Peaks of the Urals

The treasures of Yugyd va are the highest peaks of the Urals: Narodnaya (1895 m), Karpinsky (1803 m), Kolokolnya (1721 m), Telpos-iz (1620 m), Sablya (1497 m), and a peculiar symbol of the park is Manaraga (1662 m). The mountain is covered with many legends and is absolutely unpredictable. Despite the simplicity of the routes, it does not always "let" tourists to climb. Those who climb Manaraga are rewarded with stunning views from the top.

Mount Narodnaya

With the height of 1,895 meters, it is the tallest mountain of the Ural Range. It was named after the Naroda River that flows at the foot of the mountain.

Narodnaya is located on the territory of two regions, the Republic of Komi and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. At the same time, it is the most remote, and therefore the most inaccessible one: the first tourists began to climb it only in the second half of the twentieth century. Narodnaya is not as picturesque as Manaraga and Sablya, but a tourist who has visited it and spent the night on its northeastern slope on the shore of the picturesque Goluboe Lake will be able to proudly say: “I climbed the highest peak of the Urals!”

The northeast and southwest slopes of Narodnaya are steep and cliffy. The northwest and southeast ones are more gentle but have talus areas.

On the northeastern slope, Lake Goluboe is located, a favorite place for tourists. The mountain is located on the territory of the Yugyd Va National Park, so you need to register and get permission to visit.

Bright water

Another treasure of the park is crystal clear water, as its name says “Yugyd va” in Komi means “bright water”. The mighty Pechora receives numerous mountain rivers of the park, which originate on the western slope of the Ural Range. The largest rivers of the park include Kozhim, Kosyu and Bolshaya Synya in the Subpolar Urals, Podcherem and Shchugor in the Northern Urals.

Flora and fauna of the park

The third treasure of the park is flora and fauna. More than 600 species of plants and more than 40 species of mammals, two hundred species of birds, more than a thousand species of invertebrates. Among them are many endemics and relics, including rare ones listed in the Red Books of Russia and the Komi Republic.

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