A city in Russia, located in the north of the Komi Republic. It is located in the permafrost zone, about 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and only 140 kilometers from the coast of the Arctic Ocean. 

About the city

General information

Administrative centre: Vorkuta

Area: 24179.64 sq. km

Population: 73,123 people

Leading industries: coal industry, electric power industry

Official website of the municipal district: Воркута.рф


Vorkuta is the "capital of the world". That`s how the inhabitants proudly call the polar city. Vorkuta gave the first coal to blockaded Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War.

Vorkuta is the embodiment of the special spirit of courageous people, it is the West-ring, where the mines are located, it is snow in June and the tundra with its harsh beauty.

In Vorkuta, an exhibition hall, a drama theater, a puppet theater in the Miners' Palace and a walk along the main street with its amazing architecture are a must-see.

The attraction of the city is the Lakomka confectionery, which has preserved the Soviet entourage and where you can try amazing cakes and pastries.

Recently, excursions to closed mining villages have become popular.

You can get to Vorkuta from the capital of the republic by train or by plane.

In the vicinity of the city, it is necessary to join the growing popularity of Arctic tourism. To do this, it is enough to take a train and get to the Seyda or Sob stations, where novice tourists can stay in houses and trailers to make radial exits to the natural attractions of the area - waterfalls, peaks, rivers. More experienced tourists will be guided through the surroundings with tents and overnight stays in nature. Water tourism lovers will enjoy rafting on the Kara River with arctic fishing.