Ust-Vymsky District

Cradle of Orthodoxy of the Komi region

About the district

General information

Administrative center: Aikino village

Area: 4775.08 sq.m

Population: 24,998 people


Ust-Vymsky district is the cradle of Orthodoxy of the Komi region.

The Mikhailo-Arkhangelsk Monastery is the residence of the first local bishop, cross of the Zyrians, educator and missionary Stephen of Perm. In honor of the 600th anniversary of the village during the Soviet period, a 12-meter memorial sign was installed here, which is crowned with a huge carved “bird of happiness”. On the opposite bank of the Sysola River, almost opposite the regional center in the village of Aikino, there is Kokvitskaya Mountain with its center in the village of the same name.

Kokvitskaya Gora is a peninsula washed by Vychegda, unites the villages of Ezholty, Lyaty, Nazar, Ipa, Kozhmudor, Tuiskeres, Syulatui, Kokvitsy, Semukovo.

Each has its own legends and sights. There is also a boulder that heals diseases, and a wonderful source, and a mysterious monument, and its own masters. Also, here grow unusually large cranberries. In the village of Zheshart there is a small miracle - a "live" table that predicts fate and dances to folk songs.

Also, in the district town Mikun there is a junction station, which receives trains from the southern and central regions of the country.