Ust-Tsilemsky District

Ust-Tsilma is one of the most ancient villages of the European North, and the Ust-Tsilma region belongs to the territories that people began to inhabit several millennia BC.

About the district

General information

Administrative center: Ust-Tsilma village

Area: 42511.10 sq.m

Population: 11,056 people

Ust-Tsilemskaya Gorka

Ust-Tsilemskaya Gorka is another object of the intangible cultural heritage of the Komi Republic. On Peter's Day, Ust-Tsilma women open their chests and put on rich grandmother's outfits for one, two and three hours to dance and sing long folk songs.

In Ust-Tsilma, where the descendants of the Novgorodians live, “govorya” has been preserved - a special, ancient Russian language, which the elders spoke and sang songs the ancestors of the northerners.

The Ust-Tsilems are Old Believers and guardians of ancestral homes, which they will gladly show to tourists.

Three rivers of the region - Pechora, Tsilma and Pizhma keep their legends and secrets.

They say that somewhere on Pizhma, the "gold of the Ryabushinskys" is waiting in the wings.

From Syktyvkar to Ust-Tsilma there is road and air communication.