"The pearl of the North", the business center of Komi, the capital of oil and gas workers with its own university and favorable economic prospects.

About the city

General information

Administrative centre: Ukhta

Area: 10,300 sq. km

Population: 113,703 people

Leading industries: mechanical engineering, oil production, oil refining

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Ukhta is the birthplace of oil. The first oil well was discovered here, the production was used for medicinal purposes. Extracted oil on the Ukhta River was delivered to Moscow back in 1597. To see a unique collection of sculptures on a northern theme, you should visit the Gazovikov Embankment. In the evenings, an unusual art object of the Soviet era lights up over Ukhta - the giant head of the leader of the proletariat, Lenin. After restoration, it became a real landmark of the city.

Syktyvkar and Ukhta are connected by rail, air and bus services.

On the territory of the urban district there is a karst landscape - Paraskiny lakes. There is a complex of more than 20 lakes, the depth of which can reach 30 meters. There is also an eco-trail, swings, benches and wooden sculptures, including those of Praskovya, after which the name of these places was given.

Another interesting object behind the city is the Sedyu Canyon - high cliffs, karst caves, interesting paleontological finds and stunning views of northern nature, ideal for photographing.