Udorsky District

The Udora district is located in the northwest of the Komi Republic, in the basins of the Mezen and Vashka rivers, which have 140 tributaries.

About the district

General information

Administrative centre: Koslan village

Area: 35815.68 sq.m

Population: 16,900 people


Udora district is one of the most "forested".

For almost a quarter of a century, it was the second home for thousands of Bulgarians who were engaged in logging here and founded the villages of Blagoevo, Usogorsk, Verkhnemezensk and Mezhdurechensk. The original Komi are still engaged in hunting and fishing here, and some develop tourism: they build guest houses and create unique tours to get to know the Komi outback.

In the Udora district, unique landscapes in the villages have been preserved - old wooden ones without any attribute of modernity - as if you are falling into the past. A distinctive feature of the region is the traditions common with the neighboring Arkhangelsk region, for example, the famous Mezen painting.

In the regional center in the village of Koslan, the traditions of Udora will be told in the Central Museum.

A separate page of the museum is devoted to passes - is an abstract seal that local residents used to designate household items.