Sysolsky District

The Sysolsky district borders on the Arkhangelsk region, the territories of the Syktyvdinsky, Koygorodsky, Priluzsky districts of the Komi Republic.

About the district

General information

Administrative center: Vizinga village

Area: 6070.75 sq.m

Population: 12,407 people

Leading industries: logging


The Sysolsky district, with its center in the village of Vizinga, is famous for its museum, and also for Gazha valiaj winter holiday.

Originally from the region is Sysol patterned knitting and a special technique - knitting with a "rod" - along which Sysol socks cannot be confused with others.

In Vizinga there is a shelter for abandoned huskies. The owner is ready to tell tourists about the customs of these dogs.

The village of Kuratovo is the birthplace of the first Komi poet, linguist and educator Ivan Kuratov. The dramatic fate of the founder of Komi literature will be told in the poet's house-museum, which every year in July holds Menam Muza literary festival.

It is worth visiting Kuratovo because of the amazingly picturesque places.

The village includes 26 villages scattered among the hills where the river Bub flows. The rivers of the Malaya and Bolshaya Vizinga districts are loved by fishermen and kayakers, and the villages of Shugram and Vizindor are famous for their milky caps places.