The Sosnogorsk municipal district is the youngest municipality of the Komi Republic, the geographical and industrial center of the region. Sosnogorsk district includes Sosnogorsk city, Nizhny Odes, Voyvozh, Verkhneizhemsky, Irael, Malaya Pera, Vis, Kerki, Polyana, Ust-Ukhta Pozhnya, Vinla, Porozhsk, Akim villages.

About the city

General information

Administrative center: Sosnogorsk

Area: 16562.93 sq.m

Population: 42,628 people


Sosnogorsk, where besides pines, many sorbus grows, is located in the center of the republic. Sosnogorsk is worth to visit not only to admire the monuments to the capercaillie, the fisherman and the unusual fountain-cone, but also to take a walk along the famous suspension bridge across the Ukhta River in Ust-Ukhta village. The attraction is 126 meters long and 1.8 meters wide.

You can get to Sosnogorsk by train and by bus.