Priluzsky District

The Priluzsky district is located in the southern part of the Komi Republic, bordering on the Sysolsky and Koygorodsky districts, the Arkhangelsk and Kirov regions.

About the district

General information

Administrative center: Obyachevo village

Area: 13168.48 sq.m

Population: 16,916 people

Leading industries: agriculture, forestry


The south of Komi is Priluzye, and Prokopyevka is considered the southernmost village, where you definitely need to visit for Christmas. In Prokopyevka the old Christmas games are preserved, where boys and girls looked after a couple for themselves, perhaps for a whole life.

In the Priluzian village of Chernysh, there has been an ensemble of chipsanists for a long time. The double flute made from the gum plant glorified the Chernysh women. Their tradition is included in the register of the intangible heritage of the Komi Republic.

Tourists will enjoy the Tarachevo ethnopark with its Ancestral Path and immersion in the traditional culture of the southern Komi.

The regional center of Priluzye - the village of Obyachevo - is famous for its crafts: weaving, birch bark weaving and, more recently, cube stamping. They are concentrated in the regional Center of Fine Arts and Applied Arts.

The capital of the region and the Priluzye villages are connected by bus service, as well as the Koygorodsky district bordering on Priluzye.