A city of republican significance in the Komi Republic in Russia, the administrative center of the municipal district "Pechora" and the municipality of the urban settlement "Pechora", the "energy capital" and the fourth largest city in the Komi Republic, located in northeastern part, 588 km to northeast of Syktyvkar, on the right bank of the Pechora River, at its intersection with the Northern Railway.

About the city

General information

Administrative center: Pechora

Area: 28922.82 sq. km

Population: 48,863 people

Leading industries: production of building materials, light, food, timber

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Pechora is a city of rivermen. The name of the city was given by the river. Where there is a river, there are fish, where there are fish, there is Cherinyan, (Komi Rybnik), and where there is the rybnik, there is the Cherinyan Gazh folk festival, where housewives from all over the region show their culinary skills according to the precepts of grandmothers.

Due to Pechorskaya GRES (state district power station), the city is considered the energy capital of the region. Pechora Local History Museum with a rich natural, historical and ethnographic collection.

In Pechora there is a seven-meter monument to the writer Gorky in front of the cinema of the same name, and the cinema building is an example of the Stalinist Empire style.

The embankment of the Pechora River is a landmark of the city, offers a view of the Sablinsky Range. In Pechora is one of the entrances to the Yugyd va national park.

The monument to the polar explorer Rusanov on the bank of the river is a symbol of the city. Not far from the regional center is Aranets - one of the oldest villages, once inhabited by the Old Believers. It offers amazing views of the Ural Mountains.

Another tourist attraction of the region is the ethno-cultural park "Byzovaya", which is located near the Paleolithic site of an ancient man. Also in the village of Byzovaya, annually in June, the Cherinyan Gazh gastronomic festival is held - a holiday of fish pie.