Kortkerossky District

There are 53 settlements in the region, where more than 19 thousand people of different nationalities live - Komi, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Germans, Tatars.

About the district

General information

Administrative centre: Kortkeros village

Area: 19748.35 sq. km

Population: 17,963 people

Leading industries: forestry, agriculture


The Kortkeros district is the birthplace of the Kort-Aika festival, named after the mythical hero - a blacksmith and a sorcerer, the progenitor of blacksmithing in Komi. In the village of Kortkeros there is a mysterious "pagan grove". Twilight always reigns here, no birds are heard, and the trees are bent in an agonizing “dance”, as if they were struggling with unknown forces.

On the territory of the village of Storozhevsk in the basin of the River Vychegda, a flat bronze ring with the image of 9 different animal figurines was found. It was the ancient Komi hunting calendar.

In the village of Adzherom, 15 kilometers from the regional center, there is a unique patterned knitting workshop by Svetlana Turova, where they will give you tea and help you choose a knitted product with a unique pattern.

In the village of Nebdino, you will be invited to the winter Afanasyevskaya fair and will tell about the author of the anthem of the republic, the founder of the national theater Viktor Savin.