Koygorodsky District

The Koygorodsky District is located in the southwest of the Komi Republic, in the upper reaches of the Sysola River.

About the district

General information

Administrative center: Koygorodok village

Area: 10415.66 sq.m

Population: 7210 people

Leading industries: sawmilling and agriculture


The main attraction of the Koygorodsky district is the Kazhimskoe reservoir. You can freeze for a long time at the dam, watching the water fall in steps.

This artificial reservoir has a history. It was created almost three centuries ago at the Kazhim iron foundry, whose picturesque ruins with the remains of a giant blast furnace also attract tourists here. According to some reports, the owner of the Kazim mill, industrialist Dmitry Benardaki, became the prototype of Gogol's hero Konstantin Kostanzhoglo, who in the second part of "Dead Souls" is presented by the writer as the "ideal landowner", the face of the new Russian entrepreneurship.

The administrative building of the mill and the old brick Dmitrovsky temple in the style of late Russian classicism have been preserved.

The "indigenous" inhabitants of the reservoir are pike, perch, roach, ruff, burbot, stone loach and common dace, there are also grayling and whitefish, as well as ide, gudgeon and burbot. In the 21st century, very successful attempts were made to grow trout.

In December 2021, another attraction appeared in the Priluzsky and Koygorodsky districts - the Koygorodsky National Park. On the territory there are relic forests with unique flora and fauna listed in the Red Book.