The city was founded in 1942. Received city status since 1954. In the Russian Federation, the center of the urban district of Inta. Located in the northeast of the Komi Republic. The population of the city is 33,861 people. Together with adjacent settlements, it forms a municipality - the urban district of the city of Inta, with a population of 36,436 people.

About the city

General information

Administrative center: Inta

Area: 30,100 sq. km

Population: 26,779 people

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The mining town of Inta opens the way to the Yugyd va national park and the Subpolar Urals and its two main peaks - the highest mountain of the Ural Range - Narodnaya and the "queen" of the Urals - Manaraga, favorite places for travelers and tourists."

Translated from the Nenets language, Inta means “a place rich in water”.

The main attraction of Inta is the building of the water tower, where the museum of political repressions is located now.

Since 1954, the 54-meter Gothic tower, reminiscent of an old castle, has served its intended purpose. It was built by Intalaga prisoners under the guidance of a talented artist and architect Arthur Tamvelius. The tower keeps a lot of secrets, one of which is a message to the descendants, which was left under the spire by the construction prisoners, which was revealed not so long ago.

Inta is connected with the capital of the region by rail and air.