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Treat yourself to unique baths in the northernmost warm springs.

The tour is ideal for novices.

Take a weekend tour around the picturesque places of the Kortkeros District with an overnight stay on the banks of the Lokchim River. Outdoor recreation will help switch off from everyday life.

Try catamaran rafting! Special physical training is not required. Traveling in the Nether-Polar Urals in the Yugyd Va National Park is accessible to novices and families with children.

You will visit the most mysterious place of the Urals. Local landscapes have long attracted people due to their beauty and struck fear into them at the same time.

Are you a thrill seeker? Then this tour is ideal for you! Rafting on the Kosyu River involves overcoming serious obstacles. At the mouth of the Pyvsyanshor Stream, tourists will sail in a fast current through a “pipe” of rocks that compress the river from two sides.

The Mezen, the cleanest river in Europe located in the Udora District is an amazing necklace of Udora making a 577 km long loop.