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Take a weekend tour around the picturesque places of the Kortkeros District with an overnight stay on the banks of the Lokchim River. Outdoor recreation will help switch off from everyday life.

You will visit the most mysterious place of the Urals. Local landscapes have long attracted people due to their beauty and struck fear into them at the same time.

The Mezen, the cleanest river in Europe located in the Udora District is an amazing necklace of Udora making a 577 km long loop.

Lud, the Izma Komi holiday, is included in the regional register of intangible cultural heritage. ‘Lud’ can be translated from the Komi language as ‘meadow’ that is, wide and open space, where the main part of the festivities takes place.

We invite you to the world of the hunter Yirkap, the hero of the Komi traditions. The legendary hunter had wonderful skis with extraordinary speed.