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Take a weekend tour around the picturesque places of the Kortkeros District with an overnight stay on the banks of the Lokchim River. Outdoor recreation will help switch off from everyday life.

You will visit the most mysterious place of the Urals. Local landscapes have long attracted people due to their beauty and struck fear into them at the same time.

The Zastava Komi guest house offers excursions for individual tourists and organized groups, workshops devoted to the production of wooden boats, “quiet hunting”, fishing and hunting trips, training of skippers of small motorized vessels and drivers of off-road motor vehicles.

Such fish species as pike, perch and grayling can be captured.  The following fishing gears are permitted: handlines with up to 4 single hooks of a citizen without restriction on bait.


Perekat hunting cordon is located 70 km from the village of Mezhdurechensk in the middle reaches of the Vashka River of the Mezen River basin. Log guest houses can accommodate 6-8 people. There is a bathhouse.

Mezenskaya Skazka Guest House located 20 meters from the Mezen River will take in guests in winter and summer.

The camp is located on Lake Beloe in a pine forest in a picturesque place on the Ropcha River.

For those who choose outdoor activities, hunting and a long stay in the forest, winter houses with Russian baths to stay overnight are available during the trip. All camps are provided with power stations, kitchen utensils and bedding.

Kadam is a lake that is much admired for its depths, captivating landscapes and giant pikes. It is surrounded by fabulous forest and the remnant of an ancient large glacial reservoir ― Lake Kadam. Clear water and a sandy bed make the lake an ideal place for swimming.

You will take a trip on the picturesque bank of the Sob River near waterfalls in Medvezhie Gorge. The trip includes spending the night in tents. But all the inconveniences are more than outweighed by impression of outdoor recreation.