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Photo by L.Igusheva 


Fish on the Pechora River, the cleanest river in Europe, and relax. Salmon, whitefish, cisco are a great reward for patient fishermen

Еремеево. Фото А. Еремеевой
Photo by A.Eremeeva 


Cope with the blues and relieve the boredom doing extreme sports. Snowkiting is not for wimps. Even in May, snowy Vorkuta will get the adrenalin going and leave a vivid impression on your for life. 


Taste moose milk at the world's first moose farm. The moose is a sacred animal and deservedly took its place on the coat of arms of the Komi Republic.

Лосеферма. Фото

Discover your ethnofuturism talent. This style is based on the mythology of the Komi people. Talented artists in the world draw their inspiration from it.

Картина этнофутуриста Юрия Лисовского
Picture by U.Lisovskiy

Make a pilgrimage to the holy places of Stephen of Perm (1340-1396) Yb is one of the oldest settlements. So many secrets and mysteries this land keeps. And why are the springs healing?

Вознесенский храм в с.Ыб