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ShangaFest International Gastronomic Festival of Cuisine of the Finno-Ugric Peoples

Take a trip to the world of taste!

At the open-air festival, you will try the national dishes of the Komi, Mari, Udmurts, Hungarians, Finns ― lyaz, listushki, ryapushki, kalitki, azya shyd, skantsi, wild boar kebabs, hemp porridge. The festival program includes concerts, workshops, a fair and prize drawings.

ShangaFest was awarded a diploma of the All-Russian contest of national and cultural projects “Russia: Ethnic Comfort”.

Duration: 3 days
Start: Syktyvkar 
Cost: 9 050 ₽
Group: 1-40 people
Organizer: SAI “Finno-Ugric ethnopark”, 8 800 20 10 396