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Jade Waterfalls

Приглашаем вас к нефритовому водопаду, который находится в русле ручья Нырдвомэн-Шор.

We invite you to the jade waterfall, which is located in the course of the Nyrdvomen Shor Stream. From 1973 to 1981, jade was mined in these areas, hence the name of the waterfall. The view of the waterfall itself leaves a strong impression on tourists. The stream flows over three steps from a narrow crevice between closely converged rocks. In addition to the waterfall, you will see mountain lakes sandwiched in the slopes of the Grandiozny massif.

Duration: 6 days
Dates: July 4-6, 2020
Route: Borkuta
Cost: 6 500 ₽ | 80 € | 90 $
Group: 6 people
Organizer: "Hors"