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Zastava Komi

The Zastava Komi guest house offers excursions for individual tourists and organized groups, workshops devoted to the production of wooden boats, “quiet hunting”, fishing and hunting trips, training of skippers of small motorized vessels and drivers of off-road motor vehicles. In winter, snowmobiling is available. In summer, you can enjoy motor boating and kayaking. You can buy local farm products, such as cottage cheese, milk, sour cream, eggs, vegetables.

Duration: 2 days
Dates: July 4-6, 2020
Route: Ukhta - Izhma - Ukhta
Cost: 7500 ₽ | 105 € | 91 $
Group:4-12 people
Organizer: IP Napalkov V.D. 
89129640281, 89042206742,