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Mezenskaya Skazka

Mezenskaya Skazka Guest House located 20 meters from the Mezen River will take in guests in winter and summer. The tourism program includes fishing, hunting, excursions, hiking in the forest and learning the wilderness survival skills in the taiga with all its dangers and inconveniences. A fishing and hunting trip to the Timan Ridge will leave an unforgettable experience for life! The taste of freshly prepared fish in the forest next to the comfortable log house will be the quintessential travel and will be remembered for a long time!

The sauna bath will perfectly improve your health. 

Duration: 1 days
Dates: July 4-6, 2020
Start: Udorsky District, Koslan 
Cost: 4 000 ₽ 
Group: 1-15 people
Organizer: OOO “Mezenskaya Skazka ”