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Lake Beloe Recreation Camp

The camp is located on Lake Beloe in a pine forest in a picturesque place on the Ropcha River.

Equipment rental was organized with providing boats, catamarans, scooters in summer and snowmobiles, skis, skates in winter. Fishing on the Lakes Beloe, Chernoe, Krugloe (winter only), Bezymyannoe, Iosser, rafting on the Ropcha River are available. There is everything for fishing! Bear, upland game, water fowl, woodcock hunting is accompanied by a huntsman. Guests are provided with hunting dogs, licenses, primary processing of the trophy and preparation for transportation, veterinary examination of trophies.

Duration: 1-3 days
Start: Knyazhpogostsky Municipal District, Ropcha
Cost: 3 000 ₽ 
Group: from 1 people
Organizer: “Lake Beloe ”