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To the land of brocade and silk

Lud, the Izma Komi holiday, is included in the regional register of intangible cultural heritage. ‘Lud’ can be translated from the Komi language as ‘meadow’ that is, wide and open space, where the main part of the festivities takes place. Horse races are first held, remote riders stamp the grass flat on the field, and then an incredibly beautiful action begins ― a “round dance of brides” ― an echo of the ancient rite of initiation ― transition to adulthood, where mothers-in-law select future daughters-in-law. The culmination of the holiday is the meeting of the sun with singers turning to the sun, to the ancestors to be blessing with happy young life. Izhma is a Komi settlement where songs were performed in their native language.

You will experience the world of traditions and rituals that the locals carefully preserve and pass from generation to generation.

Duration: 3 days
Dates: July 4-7
Route: Ukhta - Izhma - Ukhta
Cost: 14 260 ₽ 
Group: 15 people
Organizer: SAI “Finno-Ugric ethnopark”, 8 800 20 10 396, 8(82130)78609