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Holiday of the North

The journey begins with a holiday in Vorkuta, where the Nenets, Khanty, Mansi and Komi compete in national sports: reindeer sledge races, sledge jumping, lasso and ax throwing on the central streets. This mastery is demonstrated not only by seasoned men, but also by beautiful and strong women.

Guests can visit the chum and taste the cuisine of the Far North ― venison, fish, berries. At the fair, you can buy deer-skin products and souvenirs.

Then you will travel by train along the peaks of the mountains of the Nether-Polar to the reindeer herder camp near Salekhard. You will learn the traditional features of life, taste local cuisine, take a reindeer sled ride and even try to catch a reindeer. It will be a real immersion in the exotic of the Far North! 

Duration: 7 days
Start: Vorkuta 
Cost: 37 000 ₽ 
Group: 1-15 people
Organizer: SAI “Finno-Ugric ethnopark”, 8 800 20 10 396