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Huntg for hunting

Get the federal hunting license on the Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation.

Obtaining a hunting license for the first time is the most important question for those who decide to acquire weapons and go hunting. Many people think that becoming a hunter is easy, but this is not entirely true. For those who do not understand why a hunting license is needed, we remind that a rather severe punishment can be imposed from a fine to prison confinement if you don’t have these documents.

A new hunting license can be obtained by citizens of the Russian Federation: 

- who have reached the age of 18 years;

- who have no previous conviction related to intentional crimes;

- who have basic hunting skills. 

Requirements to get a hunting license: 

1. Fill in the application e-form on the Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation, entering details of the following documents: 

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;

  • hunting license issued before July 1, 2011, which has not expired;

  • attach a 30x40 mm digital photo to the application;

  • select a date and time of your visit to the regional office.

2. Submit an application for its verification. 

The document details specified in the application will be verified and you will receive booking confirmation for visiting the territorial administration through your Personal Account. You can choose to receive mobile app notification, SMS or e-mail. 

3. At the time selected, visit the territorial administration. 

Bring the original documents specified in the application. A department officer will verify data and give you a federal hunting license. 

Get the federal hunting license.

Obtain a license certificate to buy a hunting weapon. 

Enjoy hunting!