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Necklace of Udora

The Mezen, the cleanest river in Europe located in the Udora District is an amazing necklace of Udora making a 577 km long loop.

There are many natural, cultural and historical monuments throughout the river. We invite you to visit beautiful places, healing springs and offer insights into the original folklore. You will visit the springs in Patrakovo, the salt lake in Muchkas and Ionikieva cell (a holy site with miraculous power). Inhabitants of ancient villages will tell you legends of the Wizard Melenty, the Beloglazaya Chude and the White Ghost.

Duration: 3 days
Start: Syktyvkar  

Cost: 6 200 ₽ 
Group: 15 people
Organizer: SAI “Finno-Ugric ethnopark”, 8 800 20 10 396